Sunday, November 28, 2010

I throw my pie up in the air sometimes

Now that you have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day...

Let me tell you about my Thanksgiving misadventures in pie making...

 The pic is pretty blurry because I took it with my (ancient) cell phone...
but you can probably tell, it's a pumpkin pie, face down, in the floor, covered with shattered pie plate.

I usually bake my pies on baking sheets, to keep them from bubbling over onto the bottom of the oven.  The timer went off, I grabbed the fireplace gloves (I was rushing around doing a zillion things at once), and took the baking sheet and pie out of the oven.

The gloves, I had failed to notice, had a hole in the finger.  I got burned. I flinched. I watched as, in slow motion (or so it seemed), the hot pie slid off the baking sheet, tumbled through the air, and landed with a huge SPLAT and CRASH, face down in the floor.

I suffered a brief episode of Tourette's, or maybe it was just sailor mouth, as shards of glass and hot pie filling sprayed my kitchen.

I snapped the cell phone pic and sent it to Eöl.  I could hear the wailing and lamenting 12 miles away.  

I was a bit more careful with the other pie, which thankfully made it to the table for Thanksgiving.

And now, every time we hear that Taio Cruz song, we change the lyrics:
I throw my pie up in the air sometimes
That's a hot pie

This is what memories are made of. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Glad you were able to save the 2nd pie! You're in good company for dropping things. I dropped a commercial weight muffin tin right on my toe, pointy side down. It's not pretty. Thanksgiving = injuries, hah.

Daclaren said...

So in the spirit of my two most recent entries, who are you going to sue - the glove manufacturer, baking sheet manufacturer, or the oven company? ;) ;)

The surviving pie looks awesome - love the leaves on the crust!

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh -- glad you were not hurt. That's a shame -- but your other pie is beautiful. :) Love the little leaves going around the rim.

Country Wife said...

@ Theldara: hope the toe is better! That sounds so ouchy!!

@ Daclaren: I hadn't thought about it. Maybe I'll sue Eöl, since he's the one that insisted I make pie with a scratch crust. Oh, wait, I already own all his stuff. Oh well. lol Thanks for the compliment on the pie.

@ Nancy: Thanks. I'll have to post that pie crust recipe; it's easy to make neat stuff with it.

Kate said...

I'm sure you were reaching for it and screaming in slo mo as well! I can just picture it! At least the survivor pie made it. Gorgeous, I must say! Love the leaves on the edges.

Kate (