Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life is funny sometimes

I've been pretty busy lately, as you can see from the previous post (squash pics). Right now I have four crates (probably 200 lbs) of tomatoes in the kitchen, waiting to be processed. But for the moment, I'm having a well deserved break with some fresh zucchini bread and OJ.

A lot has happened in our lives recently, all of it good. Big Sis is home for a visit, is moving back to be near us, and is expecting! She is thrilled, and so are we. Yes, she was headed to med school. But med school will still be there later on if that's what she wants to do. Right now, Baby is her priority, and no one can argue with that (without risking a sharp stick in the eye from the ever present Nana Bunny).

The farmer's market has taken off like I never expected. Remember how nervous I was? I needn't have been. Everyone has been uber nice, and I find myself looking forward to Saturday mornings. I have regular customers and new friends. It's been nothing short of amazing.

I do things a bit differently than the other vendors, and people have taken notice. As a result, things are already expanding. I've started a market blog, printed business cards, and am already working on some ideas for next season. Biggest Brother has been a huge help with the graphic design work.

Eventually, we may open an actual farm market here at the farmstead. Or maybe just offer gardening and farmsteading workshops. Or maybe both.

I'm still working on my book, and I'm still Country Wife at heart, but I seem to be evolving at a rapid pace, so I'm curious what the next year will bring.

The future is wide open.


pkquilter said...

I think its great!!!!!We know you can do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Country Wife said...

Thanks, mom!