Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'd rather be outside

More canning on today's agenda. *sigh* It's so nice out: the air is cool and the sun is shining.

I have to go outside to get garden goodies for salsa. I know I'll get distracted and end up roaming the garden, which means I'll be up canning till the wee hours for the second night in a row. I can't help it. Being outside is just what I like.

I don't mind canning. It would be a lot more enjoyable if I could do it all in the middle of winter, though. lol Guess you can't have everything.

Speaking of having everything, I know we are very fortunate to be able to grow our own food. There's no way we'd be able to eat as well as we do if we had to purchase produce. Holy cow, Walmart had cucumbers for 68 cents EACH, peppers for $1.30 EACH, and tomatoes for $1 a pound. And that's for produce that had been shipped from goodness knows where, and looked pretty road weary.

I never take for granted that I can walk out my door to the garden and pick a complete dinner. I am thrilled to be able to go out today and gather the goods to make enough salsa to last the winter.

It's a lot of work to plant, tend, harvest, and process all of this food. But it's worth it.

Now that I've given myself the pep talk, I guess I'd better get to work!


pkquilter said...

And its so GOOD when we eat it too.pkquilter

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