Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Don't scare me like that!

Here I was, up in the garden, happily digging in the dirt, ready to put out an oregano plant, when I hear Little Sis yelp, "Mom!!! Come quick!!".

I run down the hill, pell mell, trowel in one hand, oregano in the other, wondering what it could be.

A snake? No, Little Sis never freaks out over snakes, unless maybe it's half eaten one of her pet chickens? No...coming from the wrong direction...

A stray dog? Maybe. I speed up.

All the while, I'm running down the hill. Well, not really. It's black plastic. I was barefoot. Ever been on a slip-and-slide? Yep, I pretty much slid most of the way to the bottom, heart pounding, ready to take on Freddie Kruger...only to find...Little Sis, in the duck pen, bouncing around, holding three of the cutest, fluffiest little Muscovy ducklings you ever saw!!!

Photo by Little Sis


jenplusfive said...

Very cute and a cute story!

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Jen!