Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love summer!!

I really, really, really do!!!

Right now, I'm listening to some katydids singing outside. There are a few frogs and crickets singing backup.

In the mornings, if I manage to get time before the day gets hot, I take a quick bike ride. Then Eöl and I have coffee in the garden. After that, the day vanishes in a flurry of gardening, cooking, and chores. But I'm loving every second of it. Sure, my house is not up to my standards of clean, but it's hard to care when the weather is so nice out.

This has been the hottest summer I can remember since we moved to Ohio. I didn't realize how much I missed those sultry southern summers.

Winter always sounds nice: snow, sledding, cozy fires. But it's not so great. It's bleak, bare, and boring. I prefer being outside, in all the green, getting dirty in the garden.

And oh yes, I get pretty dirty. Thankfully, Eöl doesn't mind being married to a woman that spends her happiest moments tracking barefoot through the clover, or elbow deep in garden soil, chattering non-stop about seeds, determinate tomatoes, squash varieties....oh, and all that was just today. :)

Now if those tomatoes would just get ripe, so I could have a nice tomato sandwich (mater sammich), life would be perfect.

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