Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A few spare minutes

Wow...haven't seen any of those in a while. But, here I am, with a few moments to spare, thanks to the rain. I'll be waking Eöl shortly for a ride to work, after unloading his fishing gear and tossing my bike into the back of the SUV. It's not that I mind riding in the rain. In fact, I'll most likely be coming home that way. However, soaking wet just isn't a fun way to start the day...unless you happen to be a duck.

So...what's been going on around here lately? Well, let's see...I'm over a week behind on planting corn, the onions and peas should've been in the ground a month ago, but the potatoes are planted and already a few inches above the ground.

As for blogging, you're looking at the extent of it for the time being. I've got posts bouncing around in my head for the past few weeks, which will most likely never get beyond the mention they get here:

  • The birthday post: Yes, it's that time again. Happy Birthday to me!! The post I had intended to write included such gems as, "I never thought I'd say this: I wish I had the thighs I had when I was 30!" and " I am NOT too old for a string bikini!!"
  • The Mother's Day post where I talk about all the great things my mom has done for me, and how a wise friend of mine once pointed out that our children humble us. Happy Mother's Day, anyway!
  • Pics of the den floor, which is wall to wall seedlings. Eh, I may get around to that one sooner than expected. 
There are probably more, but that's just off the top of my head, while I enjoy the oh-so-rare second cup of coffee this morning. Most mornings find me sitting here at the pc, juggling hair dryer (do you have ANY idea what it's like to ride a bike in 35 degree weather with wet hair?? Forget frizzies, I'll wear a hat when I get to work!!), coffee, bagel, bills and the occasional email. By the way, apologies to those of you that have emailed me and are still waiting for a response. Please stay on the line, and our operator will be with you shortly. Your message will not necessarily be answered in the order it was received, but more likely in the order in which I like you or can at least tolerate your continued existence in my realm of greenery.
As for afternoons, by the time I finish work and bike home, eat, and get back outside, the day is pretty much done for. I spend time with Little Sis while she tells me all about the fish that took her bait but didn't bother to get caught on the hook, or about the kittens learning to walk, or some tidbit on ancient Greece (thank you, Percy Jackson, for stimulating that interest) and how I could be the daughter of Demeter. Once the critters are put away for the night, it's time to fall into bed. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Until next time it rains and I have an extra 15 minutes, be good, stay sane, and look both ways before you cross the street. Oh, yeah, and if you are biking, remember to dry your hair and wear your orange vest. :)

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