Monday, March 22, 2010 kidding...

Spring doesn't just pounces! There's so much to do on the farmstead!!

We ended up having a really nice weekend, despite the forecast for rain (which held off until late Sunday night - take that, NOAA!). Most of our weekend was spent doing an outside spring cleanup: picking up a zillion sticks, shoveling a winter's worth of dog doo, plotting and prepping garden areas...the usual springtime fun. We're also taking down a lot of old fencing, putting up new fencing, moving some critters, and prepping for some exterior remodeling/repairs.

Very soon it'll be time to get the potatoes and onions in the ground. Potatoes are planted when the daffodils bloom. Garlic gets the mulch scraped off when the daffodil leaves are up a few inches (should've done it over the weekend but forgot). Many people plan their planting by the calendar, but the calender really has no idea what the weather is like in any given area. Nature's indicators, like daffodils blooming or oak leaves budding, in my experience, always yield better results.

And then there's Easter! We'll be coloring eggs with the grandkids (hopefully) this weekend, and then an egg hunt, possibly indoors if the weather is very wet. Of course we don't hide the real eggs indoors, although I'm sure the dogs would find any we missed. Not that I want to deal with egg-dog-poop-er-iah any more than I want to deal with lost and found once they are rotten eggs. So we just stick with the plastic ones for inside.

We'll also make our traditional bunny cake. As for Easter weekend, it's still wide open, unless the grandkids have a change in plans and come then instead of this coming weekend.

In the meantime, I'll be returning to work. Later on, when the weather is clear, I plan to bike the three miles to work, then the three miles back home, to be followed by an afternoon of hauling firewood. I'll either be in super shape or dead by the time summer comes. Personally, I'm hoping for super shape and not dead; it's been years since I've owned a string bikini, and I'm not getting any younger, so I figure it's now or never.

When I complain to Eöl that I've gotten pale and plump over the winter, he just smiles and says, "Don't worry, Luv. Soon you'll be a brown stick."

He's probably right.


el vigilante said...

String bikini? You are a brave soul. lol. I would be happy with wearing shorts at this point. Not gonna happen anytime soon. Hee.

Country Wife said...

Not just a string bikini, but...
an...itsy bitsy teeny, maybe not yellow 'cause I'll look jaundiced. roflmao!!

Nicole said...

sounds like your gonna be busy all spring
well its the second month of autumn here & we still have the warm to hot humid weather all tho it is getting cooler at night & early in the morning, we leave at 5.30am to catch the train to work & by 7am im shedding clothing as the warm rolls in. cant wait for the cold of winter

Country Wife said...

Wow..I don't want to see the cold of winter for a long, long, long time. lol But we had 49 inches of snow in Feb, all on the ground at one time, or close to it, so I'm ready for sunshine and warmth! :)