Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I can't see the forest for the...


I really can't take credit for the lovely seedlings. I taught Little Sis how to care for them, and she's done it daily.
Here are a few tips for starting seeds indoors:
  • Water: keep them moist, but don't overdo it. Rainwater is best, if you have it.
  • Turn: if seedlings are in front of a window, they'll stretch toward the sun. Turn them a few times a day. They get a nice back and forth work out, and don't get so leggy/spindly.
  • Brush: brush your hand back and forth across the seedlings (very gently) a couple of times a day. This helps build strong, healthy, stocky stems; outside, a breeze would do this naturally. You can also turn a fan on them a few times a day (don't blow them off the table!).
  • Timing: if you start your seeds too soon, you'll need to re-pot them once the roots fill up their starter cells. I started mine early on purpose; maybe I'll have a few extra plants to sell.


el vigilante said...

Lookin' good. Mine aren't as advanced -- but they are doing pretty well. Still waiting for peppers to emerge. They are always so slow. I remember reading about the "brushing" trick. I'll have to try that. :)

Country Wife said...

You are right, peppers take ages, it seems. Do they call them 'mangos' in your area? They do here, and first time I heard it, I was completely confused. Mangos?? In Ohio? lol