Monday, February 22, 2010

Waiting for spring...

I can't stand it!! No more snow!!! Please!! ack!!! We have so much snow that our paths are actually more like snow bridges: two feet of packed snow. If you step off the path, you have snow over your knees. The good news is that it's melting at last! I can't see the ground yet; we are still several inches from that, but it is melting. yay! The bad news: more snow in the forecast.

I've been paging back through my blog to see what we were up to at this time last year. I'm encouraged to see that around the beginning of March the peepers were peeping (I got an unbelievable number of hits for 'peeping on wife' after that post. Naughty Monkeys!!) and the first buzzard had been spotted. So, maybe in a couple of weeks, we'll be able to see the grass, or at least the mud.

I have started spring cleaning, or what I like to call The Great De-Ashing. Those of you with woodstoves and inserts know what I'm talking about. I also have some remodeling I want to get done before I head back to work, so I'm officially out of my 'winter-time-where's-the-sun' rut and into the 'oh-my-gosh-I-gotta-get-done' mode.

I'm starting some seeds today, tomatoes and peppers at least. I think I had them started earlier last year, but there's still plenty of time so they should be ready by the end of May to go into the garden. Our last frost was at the end of May last year; I'm hoping for an earlier spring this year. Just to see something green will be pleasant, anyway.

I've set a goal for each day of the week, and if all goes well, I'll be done with the cleaning and on to the major portions of remodeling by the weekend, with time out to harvest a few more roo's.

Speaking of harvesting chickens: We hatched more than we had freezer space for last year, so we kept the extras on the *shrugs* The problem with that plan has been that it's been too cold to harvest the ones we now have freezer space for. Now that we are having a slight warm up, we're trying to bring the chicken population back under control. By spring we hope to have a more reasonable number of chickens and a new plot for them to roam.

And now... I'm off to accomplish today's tasks! Wish me luck!!


Chance said...

Can. not. wait. for. spring. Loathsome dripping snow, nor'easter on the way, just to start mud season off right. Grrrr. It is time to start the seeds here in Vermont as well. Seed starting is the cure for the mumbling when the weather reports are all about snow radar. The promise of spring becomes the belief that spring will actually occur when you start putting seeds in their little cups. Thanks for the reminder!

Country Wife said...

Chance, it's so great to have you back!!! I forgot you're in the path of the big storm; hope you don't get snowed in too badly.