Sunday, February 28, 2010

NOAA, you are such a tease!

The first thing we do every morning, and the last thing we do every night, is check the weather forecast.

On the farmstead, staying on top of the weather is important. The last thing we need is to be blindsided by a white-out or blown over by a hurricane. And yes, we get hurricanes in Ohio! Well, one hurricane since I've lived here, but still...knowing when to batten down the hatchlings is important.

NOAA has been promising sunshine for over a week. It has yet to materialize. Instead, I get snow. Lots of snow. Every day, when I check the forecast, the sunshine and warmer temps are still three or more days away. I'm starting to feel like a donkey chasing the elusive carrot on a stick.

The current forecast calls for temps in the 40's next weekend!! That will feel like summer after the cold of the past month. And sunshine! Oh glorious vitamin D, light, and warmth!! Dare I hope??

This weekend wasn't so bad. Of course we had snow, and lots of it. We'd planned to thin out the chicken flock, but the temptation to play was too great, and we spent most of Saturday sledding and playing in the snow with Little Sis, and then taking a romantic walk in the snowy wood. Today was also fun - we ran some errands, did some window shopping, and then Eöl treated us to a steak dinner. I can't even remember the last time we all ate out! The food was ok, but I think the best part was having a meal that I didn't cook. lol Not that I mind cooking, but it's nice to have a break from time to time.

Provided NOAA isn't just teasing me again, we'll get the chickens done next weekend. Despite the sun and warm temps, we won't be quite as tempted to play, as everything outside will be mud and muck instead of snow.


el vigilante said...

I'm not looking forward to the muddy thaw, either, but it will be nice to get some warmer temps. :)

Country Wife said...

El Vig!! Good to see you again!! Yep, I dread the mud and muck, sticking to my boots, tracking into the house...but soon the peepers will peep and things will be green again. WOOT!