Sunday, November 8, 2009

Living in the woods....

...isn't all storybook characters and wine and walks. Ohhhh noooo.

Today, for example, I had the joy of cleaning the zillion leaves from my gutters (WHAT is that smell??? Oh, it's me...after being splattered with the wet, muddy grossness under all the nice crunchy leaves in the gutter.).

Then I realized that my sweet little lodge style home too greatly resembles the set of Arachnophobia. yikes. So I spent and hour or so with a broom, knocking off spiders, webs, and egg sacks. **shudder**

You know what I really hate about spiders?? Spider poop!! It's that nasty, white, dribbly, bird poo looking stuff that runs down the side of my otherwise log colored (but not really log) home. You either have to spend hours scrubbing it off with a brush, hot water, and a good detergent (homemade Naptha laundry soap works well) or just paint over it. Every year I resolve to knock the spiders down on a weekly basis, but I always get busy doing other stuff, like gardening or firewood...or blogging. *blush*

On the plus side, the house now looks much tidier outside (Thanks, Luv, for cleaning out the shed!) and the weather was lovely...sunny and near 70! Almost unheard of for Ohio in November!

Tomorrow, another lovely day is forecast, along with a day of harvesting firewood. The fun never ends! ;)

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