Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dare I hope?

The weather has been gorgeous lately. I mean absolutely incredible, sunny and warm, and totally freakish for Ohio in November. But I'm not complaining!! I love love love it!!

Today we cut wood...again. Hubby has been cutting down dead trees, nicely seasoned on the stump, cutting them up, and then Little Sis and I have been hauling them uphill in wheelbarrows. Remember the Country Wife Fitness Program? Yep, just like that, but minus the berries.

During today's wood cutting marathon, Hubby and I started discussing the fact that our woodlot is just about spent. In order to continue to live in the woods, we have to leave some of the woods. So...what to do? We have an oil furnace. If we heated solely with oil, we'd spend a fortune, which was why we switched to wood to start with. Wood is also a lot warmer. We will be filling up the tank for those days when we won't be home to stoke the fire, but only using it when necessary.

The solution? We are going to buy wood, starting next year. Seasoned, split, and delivered. My springtime job will more than cover the cost and free up a LOT of time. I'll have time to hike, and not behind a wheelbarrow of wood. I'll have time to quilt, harvest rosehips and make jam, or just sit without rushing and worrying about the wood.

Seasoned. Split. Delivered. Dare I hope??

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