Friday, July 17, 2009

An update

My apologies to those of you that have left comments and received no response. I do enjoy comments, and I always read them, but things have been hectic lately and I've had very little time to post responses. Please don't be discouraged and feel free to leave comments as often as you like.

DH and I have been very busy with work, kids, grandkids, the garden, various projects, and each other. We always enjoy summer and stay outside as much as possible, even when we aren't knee deep in weeds or lumber.

We did manage to take a two week vacation. We accomplished very little, then visited his family in the south, where I worked very hard holding a chair down on the porch. (That means I did nothing but sit and enjoy the southern accent, y'all.)

I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to have a break after the chaos of the preceding weeks: getting ready for the grad party, helping Little Sis with her 4H stuff, finishing up the garden, working on the house, etc, in addition to our regular jobs. I'm not usually the resting type, but DH is a master at getting me to relax and enjoy life. Without him, I'd get so frazzled that I'd just spontaneously combust.

And now the garden is coming on, which means canning, freezing, and pickling. The wild blackberries are also just about ready to be picked, so I'll add making jam to the list. I'm still working three days a week, which works out great for me. I can do the canning on my off days, in between Little Sis' dozens of commitments and my regular chores. Blanching and freezing can be done after work, or at least the harvesting can, since I'm already sweaty and dirty when I get home.

So now you know why my posts are short lately. Overlook any typos or poor grammar, please, since I'm usually still half asleep when I post around 6 a.m.

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