Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Behold! The Mighty Morel!


Daclaren said...

It's interesting that you'd post this, as a co-worker just "introduced" me to these. He asked if we had any on our homestead, but I'd never heard of them. Unfortunately, it's been too rainy and muddy to go up there and look for them since then.

Are they really good? If so, I may have to try them myself.

Country Wife said...

I think they taste a lot like portabella. I've had them fried, but they taste, well, fried. I prefer sauteed in butter.

This was actually our first hunt, as we've just never bothered to look for them before. On our property, they don't grow anywhere they are supposed to: under dead elms and apple trees. Instead, they just pop up in the yard right by the house. Weird.

Here's a good link for recipes, identification, etc.: