Monday, March 16, 2009

Hubby's taking me shopping!

My wonderful, dear, sweet husband is planning to take me on an all day shopping extravaganza! Can you guess where?

Not to the mall...

I'd rather be hauling firewood buy new clothes

up hill

...which I would have to try on

in the snow

...or to shop for swimwear

make that a full fledged blizzard

...which I would have to try on

while being chased by rabid coyotes

Nope!! We are going to Lehman's!!! We are planning to spend most of the day (or more) browsing and picking up a few things that we need. We'll even have lunch at Lehman's own cafe. I'm so excited!!


S Vandemore said...

Sounds like heaven to me!

S Vandemore said...

I'd much rather take a trip to the local farmer's supply store than anywhere else. Not only can we find just about all of our farm supplies there, I can pick up a new pair of Dickie's overalls if necessary. Have fun!

Small Pines said...

YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I have always wanted to go to Lehman's! I'm going to have to make the trip one day ... although it will have to involve a motel and an overnight stay, LOL. Have fun!

Chance said...

Ah, the day at Lehman's -- true luxury. Have a wonderful time!!!

Daclaren said...

Wow - sounds great! We've never been there, but I'd like to think we'll be able to make the pilgrimage someday. ;)