Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stop me before I paint again!

I'm on some sort of painting frenzy. I should seek professional help. I'd probably have to be sedated just to get me to slow down.

Today I processed the last big basket of tomatoes. They went into the freezer since I just don't have time to can them. The ones I didn't get to in time went to the chickens and rabbits, so it really wasn't a waste.

I finished up the kitchen ceiling in between loads of laundry, then did the bathroom ceiling and cleaned out the bathroom cabinets. That's one thing about painting and re-doing a room: it gets a thorough cleaning in the process. It may not look like it right now, though, with furniture scattered and pictures taken down from the walls and stacked higgeldy piggeldy, but once things are back in place it will be oh-so-nice.

All of the rooms were painted (by us) when we first bought the house. The house hadn't been lived in for quite some time and the walls were, well, gross. The whole house was so gross, actually, that I wouldn't eat inside. We had to work on the house for a couple of months before we could even move in.

Anyway, the walls are starting to show some wear, and I realized last night that I can't put off painting the kitchen like I'd hoped, soooo...I'm sitting here picking paint colors. I'd planned to paint the bathroom the same color, but there's just something exciting about buying a brand new color of paint. Yeah, I know, I lead a VERY boring life if buying paint is exciting. ;)

An interesting side note: have you ever noticed the names of paint colors? 'Useful Brown'...hmmmm....they must have just stopped trying. 'Beef Broth', 'Crisp Lettuce', 'Butter Cookie'....this guy just named the paint after his lunch. Maybe I'll paint the bathroom 'Canteen' or 'Map Paper'. lol


Southern Goddess said...

OMG, if you have enough energy I would love for you to come paint my house! I'll even scrape off your contacts. Remember, as a bribe I have a lot of basil...hint, bribe, hint...and a warmer climate, hint, bribe, bribe, hint.

There is nothing like family coming to visit to get the ole' adrenalin in gear. Of course, being the black sheep that doesn't happen often! And, I agree with you, not a pity party, more like a yee-ha! (from Texas, don't ya' know).

And again, green-eyed monster here... too many tomatoes and not enough time. Damn.

And thanks for your support.

Country Wife said...

Ask me again when winter hits here. lol

Country Wife said...

OH, and I should've mentioned, the family visiting are my son and grandchildren, not the extended family that consider me the blackshep.