Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh For The Love Of....


Remember my *new roof happy dance*? Apparently, it was really a rain dance. And rain it did. In. My. House.

We had a huge storm the other night. It rained really hard. In. My. House.

The roofer said he thought maybe our skylights would leak, but I still can't figure out exactly where the water got in. We have unusual skylights. Corrugated fiberglass. Yeah, no kidding.

The bummer is that, because of the opening size, they can't be replaced with 'real' skylights without either special ordering something extremely expensive, boxing in most of the skylight 'hole', or putting two skylights in each opening. We're thinking of going with Tuftex and doing something similar, but better, than what is there now. I'd like to have clear skylights instead of the translucent green we have now, anyway.

In the meantime, I'm still waiting for the roofer to call me back. I know I'm impatient about things, so I'm trying to be patient and give the guy time to return my call.

I think I will go sharpen my chainsaw, just in case.


earth heart said...

oh no! :( I hope you can get this taken care of for good and do the happy dance again.

City Mouse said...

Yikes! That stinks.

I feel for you. We were up in the country house when the big storm came through. Suffice it to say, there were not enough buckets and empty trash cans to go around. It was a little humbling. I seriously said, "Maybe we should just tear it down an build a cabin."