Friday, April 11, 2008

Peep update

Our peeps are about two weeks old now. We lost three of the bantams shortly after we got them. I think it was due to the delay in shipping and then grabbing them right after they came out of the box to bring them home. When we got them, we had to wait around at TSC for over an hour for the chicks to arrive, then we got the ones we wanted as they came out of the shipping container. If we hadn't, I doubt we'd have any now. The whole shipment was only about 30 of each type of bird, and they were all gone within about two hours.

Here's a peek at the bantams that are left. I think the biggish yellow one is going to be a Frizzle Cochin!! I've always wanted one. The biggish black one also has feathered feet but it's not frizzly, and I've no idea what the teensy chipmunk colored ones are yet.

This gal (below) has an interesting face. I think she may be a Wyandotte of some sort, but I won't be able to tell till her feathers all come in. That's the neat thing about buying from an assortment - you just never know what you'll get, but you can bet it'll be interesting.

All the chicks seem so big! I will be glad when they can go outside, though. Peeww they are stinky! I'm changing them every day now, though, and that's helped a lot. DH built an outside chick nursery for me, but they need to get in a few more of their real feathers first, just to be safe. Of course they'll have the heat lamp for a few more weeks, or at least until the temps even out here, but for now they are safer inside, especially with a low in the 20's expected this weekend. *rolls eyes* I do enjoy the peeping, anyway. It sounds like I live in an aviary. lol


jayedee said...

tell me about it........i just moved 50 chicks from the living room to the tractor out front. the silence is deafening! lol
won't last long, though, my THIRD hatchery order is due this week and both incubators are full too!

City Mouse said...

Those chicks are growing some gorgeous color! I can't wait to see the play by play as they get older! Many hours of fun to Sis and the bunnies!

Country Wife said...

Jayedee, what are you going to do with that many chickens?! :)

City Mouse, it will be interesting to see what the chicks look like when they are bigger. When are you getting some? :)