Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The first buzzard of spring!

I saw it yesterday! I still haven't seen any robins, but I don't think they are as reliable as the turkey buzzards. lol

We had a gorgeous day yesterday; we set a record high temp. The wind was a bit rough in the morning, but by evening it had settled down enough for Little Sis to go play in the creek (the one we only have during snow melts and heavy rains), and Big Sis to shoot her bow a bit. We were so happy just to get outside without all the cold weather gear.

I noticed buds on a lot of the trees, and some of the wild roses have tiny leaves. Maybe, just maybe, spring is close!

Not too close, I guess. We have an ice coating on everything today, and we were just upgraded to a winter storm warning. The winds are supposed to pick up later this evening, with more ice accumulation expected, and maybe a couple of inches of snow and sleet later tonight.

*sigh* Spring is such a tease. :P

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