Saturday, March 8, 2008


We got a bit of snow last night.

That's a 28 or 32 gallon trash can. I was looking for something to give the snow some point of reference. I haven't measured yet, but the weatherman says we have over 15 inches. The wind is gusting over 30 mph, so the drifts are pretty deep in spots. Digging out should be fun, since most of the drifts have landed in the driveway. lol

So far, we still have power. *knocks on wood*

Some of my pet peeves for power outages:

The recording at the power company says we can report the outage online. Sure, if I had power, I could do that, but then I wouldn't need to.

The radio is our only source of news, but we don't have a local all-news channel. Instead, I get hours of pop music and a 30 second news update, followed by, "for more information on the power outages, closings, and delays, go to our website." Once again, if I had power, I could do that, but probably wouldn't need to.

Flipping on a light switch as I walk into a room, even though I know the power is out.

The power being off so long that, after it has been restored, I look for a flashlight instead of flipping a light switch.

Hope everyone is keeping warm and dry! More pics tomorrow as we shovel out.

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CountryCouture said...

Many of us southerners have little compassion for some of the Katrina "victims" who were stuck in N.O...because we are warned to be prepared and have an evacuation plan every year, and we knew the hurricane was on its way for a few days! I love how ya'll have 15" of snow unexpectedly and understand that you may not have power for a while, yet you aren't calling on FEMA to help you!

Thanks for the advice on predators. We have a few owls in the area, so I guess I'll know who's responsible if I see headless chickens.
I'm still against the netting, even if it blends well!! :) haha.