Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taking the dryer challenge

Back about the end of June, my clothes dryer gave up the ghost. I turned it on to hear a loud THUNK. Never a good sign. Eöl had already repaired it once, for something different...not a THUNK noise. He's going to take another look at it, but I'm not holding out much hope for a return to the land of the living.

Over the summer, I prefer to dry laundry outside, anyway. But I do get lazy from time to time and use the dryer when it's a perfectly gorgeous day outside. Not anymore, I suppose.

I haven't really missed the dryer. The weather has been nice enough since its demise for the laundry to dry outdoors. But now that we are in for a week of rain, things could get a little complicated.

For the record, we have the wood burning insert all lit up already. Eöl started the first fire of the season last night and it's been burning ever since. It's so damp and chilly outside!! Nice and cozy in here, though.

With the fire going, I'm thinking maybe a retractable clothesline for inside. I could hang the laundry to dry overnight and then put it away and retract the clothesline in the morning. That way we're not garroting ourselves trying to get through the house. lol I've seen the drying racks, but it doesn't seem like those would work very well with the clothes all bunched up like that. I could be wrong.

We've discussed getting a new dryer, but it's really not high on my list of priorities. I told Eöl that I'd like to see if I can make it a whole year without a dryer. Of course he pointed out that if I can make it a year, I won't want/need one later on.

My point exactly.


Nicole said...

good luck with your challenge :o)
i have a dryer but i only use it maybe once or twice a year

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Nicole!

Nancy@el vigilante said...

I'm a line-dryer as well -- as long as I can before winter hits. Then, even if I get a sunny day, I'll hang clothes out to dry. Can you say s-t-i-f-f? I have a clothes rack I put behind our wood burner that dries pretty well. I find I do more loads during the week, so I have less pieces of clothing to hang -- it all evens out, I suppose. Good luck with your no-dryer challenge. I can't remember the last time I used mine.

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Nancy. Where ya been hiding? Missed ya!!